Tufted Loop pile is meant to withstand heavy traffic areas of your home as it is made up of many tight loops followed by a sealant that locks them in. Over time some of your loops may come loose and begin to poke through. Do not pull at them but trim them off. All the loops are connected so pulling at them could cause inconsistency in your tuft! 


None of my products should ever be washed in a washing machine / dry cleaners this will completely ruin the tuft! The best way to care for it is frequent lint rolling so theres no build up of dirt caught in the loops. It can withstand gentle hoovering, nothing with a super high powered suction (although my henry hoover has done the job so far!)  If there was any spillage or dirt clean immediately with a cloth and warm water. Use a fabric freshener to freshen up! 

At the moment my cushions inserts are sewn in and cannot be removed. Do not submerge cushions they will not dry! All my cushions are functional and decorative don't be scared to use them! Again frequent lint rolling and freshening up with fabric spray is the best way to keep your cushion it's best.